The Piano4Solihull site is organised into ten sections: Home, Sitemap, Links, Adult Tuition, Child Tuition, FAQ, Testimonials, Location, Tuition Fees and Fun&Games. Links to each section can be found below.

This is the introductory page. It describes a bit about me and the piano lessons I offer. It also has my twitter feed.

This is the page you're on now, describing the organisation of the website.

A few handy links for you to peruse.

Adult Tuition
Here's some information regarding learning as an adult.

Child Tuition
Here's some information regarding learning as a child.

This page contains some questions I am frequently asked, along with the answers.

A page for my pupils to tell you what a wonderful teacher I am.

Where am I located? This is your page!

Tuition Fees
How much are piano lessons?

Fun & Games
Some lighthearted piano-related activities for you to try.