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Ceinwen at piano

Making the decision to start learning anything new as an adult is a daunting prospect and often adult learners tell me it took them years to get around to making the decision to take up the piano. However after their first piano lesson they feel totally relaxed and start to enjoy their lessons.

Lessons are usually 30-60 minutes a week and consist of basic theory and lots of playing.

Age is not a barrier (my oldest pupil is 82) and I have many books and methods to ensure you build your confidence and have fun. I will help you with a practice schedule and show you how to practice.

It’s also worth considering taking exams, as this is a fantastic way to monitor your progress and boost your confidence. Piano exams need not be scary; examiners are very empathic and will put you at ease.

Call me for an informal chat and find out how you could be enjoying your first musical experience.